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Using My Fingers Instead Of Words

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Name: Chuck Damage


Main Instrument(s): 1972 Les Paul Custom, 2002 Gibson Firebird VII, several others including a Flying V with Zack Wylde Pick Ups, and a sweet 1979 Ibanez PF400

Number of Years Playing Said Instruments: 21

Gear: 1974 Fender Twin, Crate Vintage Club 50w Head Through Randall Jaguar 4X12 cab, 1984 Marshall JCM 800 100w with marshall 1960 4X12 Cab (Alledgedly once Owned By Iron Maiden)

Your Top 5 Records: Man this Changes all of the time. But here goes. Black Sabbath-self Titled, Def Leppard High-n-Dry, The Verve-A Northern Soul, MC5-High Time, Mars Volta-DeLoused in the Comatorium

Who has great tone?: Clay From Dixie Witch has Incredible Tone. Tony Iommi on the early sabbath records kills it too. I like thick warm tones the best. I come from an 80's hardcore and metal background, but I have been really been listening to a lot of southern rock and 70's stuff since I have embarked on my quest for great tone. You can check out my stuff here
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