Tom Awesome (massacredhatred) wrote in tone_junkies,
Tom Awesome

Intro Post

I just found this community, so here's my intro post.

Name: Tom

Age: 22

Main Instrument(s): Guitar

Number of Years Playing Said Instruments: 7

Gear: You can see a fairly detailed diagram here. It covers the main stuff, but I also have other guitars and amps like a Gibson Les Paul (Chinese duplicate), no-name Gibson-style V, Greg Bennett acoustic, Marshall AVT50 combo, Peavey Road Master 160-watt head, and some other random stuff.

Your Top 5 Records:
That changes every so often, so I'll just list five albums I really like in no particular order.
-Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
-VAST - Music for People
-Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile
-Porcupine Tree - In Absentia
-Fear Factory - Obsolete

Who has great tone?: Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Dino Cazares (ex-Fear Factory, ex-Brujeria, Asesino), Robert Smith (The Cure), Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), Stephen Carpenter (Deftones), Linde (HIM), Ola Frenning (Soilwork), the guys from Virgos Merlot, and a lot of others...
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