Max Binet (thymaxxx) wrote in tone_junkies,
Max Binet

this is my first entry in this community.
i've been pondering my next amplifier purchase.
i currently own a vintage fender bassman 70 silverface
head. i have been leaning towards the mesa boogie lonestar
head. it had fender-esque cleans and very crunchy, raw,
thick, raunchy distortion. i like marshalls alot for their
chimey and bell-like tone, but i need something with a bit
more bass definition. if it makes a difference,
im using a standard fender telecaster currently.
im basically going for a very chimey and bell-like tone (as provided
with el-34's) but something with a bit more solid low end
and bright, twanginess. as for distortion i want a tone that
is very thick and raunchy, lots of mids, except not in a metal
sort of way, and nothing overly compressed. my style of music
is basically experimental rock and "indie" such as owls,
make believe, at the drive-in, the mars volta, pretty girls
make graves, q and not u, etc. any suggestions?
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