Create an enemy to ensure the peace (motly_jue) wrote in tone_junkies,
Create an enemy to ensure the peace

Name: Dave
Age: 18
Main Instruments: guitar, bass, baritone and alto saxophones, drums
Number of Years Playing Said Instruments: guitar in upwards of 11 years at this point
Guitars- Custom Tokai Fender style guitars from the mid to late 80s(two of them have rosewood fingerboards with radius's similar to a 62 strat(the one with the emg's and the one with the p-90s), 1 with a quartersawn maple neck and a nice soft v like a well used 52 and the tele has an oversized maple neck): 3 strats, one with the emg david gilmour edition active electronics set up and chrome hardware, one with three gibson legendary series p-90s goldhardware, one with three seymour duncan aps-1s, one tele with a curly maple top(burgandy stain, its beautiful)and a joe bardens in the neck and bridge, a gibson 57 les paul jr. reissue(sunburst, a les paul studio I stole from my school and had refinished to be a dark back goldtop with burstbuckers haha, and a fender american p-bass.

Amps-Mesa boogie nomad 100 long chassis head on a marshall 1960a cab
crate vc-50 1x12 combo(Amazing little amp, all class A single ended tone magic, it sounds better then 70% of the boutique amps you'd have to sell your leg to buy and i think it goes toe to toe just fine with any ac30 tb)
fender frontman 25r combo(I live at home still, sometimes both the boogie and crate are way too loud for bedroom levels, and as suprising as this sounds, its one of the most live sounding solid state amps i've ever played. the clean channel sounds very similar to the classic tube fender(i had a 65 deluxe reverb for a while and i played them side by side the thing is really quite close)and the distortion is very very crunchy; not really warm and thick, but if you like say 5150s you'll dig this thing, and it'll do it through a set of headphones hahaha)

Your Top 5 Records:
This is in no order

-Bruce Hornsby: "Harbor lights" - very very good record, bruce is an amazing piano player and song writer, and his band absolutly kicks ass. most of the guitar work and solos on this album are by Pat Matheny, and he just blows my mind everytime, his sense of melody and tone just blow the doors off any jazz player ever

-Stevie Ray Vaughn: Discography - This is a bit of a no brainer, he picked up were Jimi Left off, and he just did something that gets me every time; I was raised on stevie and he'll be in my top 5 till I die.

-John Hiatt: "Walk on" and "Perfectly good guitar"- This guy is the best songwriter you've never heard of, his songs are constantly in play everywhere, and you usually dont know it, but he uses a lot of classic slightly overdriven tones and amazing acoustic tones(something very much overlooked by most guitarists) and a lot of the more athletic playing on his records(a mix of folk, rock and country with alot of balls and good stories to the lyrics, but not sappy for some reason) are played by some of the studio greats

-Danny Gatton: "88 Elmira Street"- Amazing amazing amazing guitar player, amazing tones, amazing techniques. Just a perfect ten. Every Time i hear this cd it just evokes nostalgia for the 50s, it makes me want to put down my guitars for ever because i know how far i'm always going to be from this mans skill hahaha

-Van Halen: "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge"- Eddie van fucking halen. enough said haha.

Who has great tone?: Every single person I named above, John Mayer, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, the entire country Crowd these days knows exactly what to do when it comes to playing music. The songs have lost a lot of the sappy slow qualitys, and its becoming were true rock music is going; every concert and record the mix is always perfect, the drums are always perfect, its really just getting so good these days. The new Foo Fighters Record has a lot of great tones on it, and theres a lot going on in underground hardcore and metal that sounds really good.
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