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Intro Post

I just found this community, so here's my intro post.

Name: Tom

Age: 22

Main Instrument(s): Guitar

Number of Years Playing Said Instruments: 7

Gear: You can see a fairly detailed diagram here. It covers the main stuff, but I also have other guitars and amps like a Gibson Les Paul (Chinese duplicate), no-name Gibson-style V, Greg Bennett acoustic, Marshall AVT50 combo, Peavey Road Master 160-watt head, and some other random stuff.

Your Top 5 Records:
That changes every so often, so I'll just list five albums I really like in no particular order.
-Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
-VAST - Music for People
-Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile
-Porcupine Tree - In Absentia
-Fear Factory - Obsolete

Who has great tone?: Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Dino Cazares (ex-Fear Factory, ex-Brujeria, Asesino), Robert Smith (The Cure), Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), Stephen Carpenter (Deftones), Linde (HIM), Ola Frenning (Soilwork), the guys from Virgos Merlot, and a lot of others...

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Age: 17 (18 in 6 days)

Main Instrument(s): guitar, vocals, synth.

Number of Years Playing Said Instruments: 6 years vocals, 5 years guitar, little experience with synth.

guitar: fender telecaster mexican.
pedals: boss tu2, ernie ball volume jr, seymour duncan pickup booster, two pro co rats, electro harmonix pulsar, vintage analog man modded mxr phase 90, boss dd6, boss dd3, boss rv5.
amplification: vintage fender bassman 70 silverface head through 2x12 avatar cab w/ celestion g12h anniversary & celestion vintage 30, 1x12 crate cab w/ celestion vintage 30

Your Top 5 Records:
1.) at the drive in - vaya
2.) the mars volta - deloused in the comatorium
3.) make believe - shock of being
4.) q and not u - different damage
5.) sonic youth - sister

Who has great tone?:
omar rodriguez (at the drive-in, the mars volta)
tim kinsella (joan of arc)
lee ranaldo & thurston moore (sonic youth)
victor villareal (cap'n jazz, owls)

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this is my first entry in this community.
i've been pondering my next amplifier purchase.
i currently own a vintage fender bassman 70 silverface
head. i have been leaning towards the mesa boogie lonestar
head. it had fender-esque cleans and very crunchy, raw,
thick, raunchy distortion. i like marshalls alot for their
chimey and bell-like tone, but i need something with a bit
more bass definition. if it makes a difference,
im using a standard fender telecaster currently.
im basically going for a very chimey and bell-like tone (as provided
with el-34's) but something with a bit more solid low end
and bright, twanginess. as for distortion i want a tone that
is very thick and raunchy, lots of mids, except not in a metal
sort of way, and nothing overly compressed. my style of music
is basically experimental rock and "indie" such as owls,
make believe, at the drive-in, the mars volta, pretty girls
make graves, q and not u, etc. any suggestions?

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Just figured i'd mention the following to any guitarists who still keep an eye on this thing;

the randall MTS series is the best amp on the face of the earth. go buy one now.


does anyone have wiring schematics for a a guitar with these parts:

2 humbuckers (not the 4 wire type.. just a hot wire and braided ground)
1 volume control
1 tone control
3 way selector switch

links etc would be amazing!

Hi, there :)

Name: Webster
Main Instrument(s)/Years: Voice(Classical - 5); Bass(3); Piano(1); Mandolin(1/2); Would like to learn to play fiddle
Gear: Basses:(6, but mainly:) Ernie Ball Bongo; Mandolin: (old) Stella Harmony (was my grandfather's)
Top Albums: E Muzeki: Sindh; The Numb Ones: Everything In Between; Vladimir Horowitz; Horowitz - The Last Recording; The Righteous Brothers: Unchained Melody; Journey: Journey's Greatest Hits

Just joined

Name: Clayton D'Orsay

Age: 27

Main Instrument(s): Bass, guitar

Number of Years Playing Said Instruments: 11

Bass: Yamaha BBN5 and a frankenstein 4-string fretless (made from a Profile P-bass and a Yamaha fretless neck); Yorkville 200B, Marshall Jackhammer, Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus

Guitar: Godin Exit-22 S (rosewood fretboard), 1972 Fender Twin Reverb

Your Top 5 Records: Joel Plaskett Emergency - In Need of Medical Attention; XTC - Apple Venus Vol. 1; The Cure - Pornography; Julie Doiron - Loneliest in the Morning; Mike O'Niell - The Owl... I suppose that's 5 there.

Who has great tone?: Joel Plaskett, Patrick Petland, Geddy Lee, Andy Rourke, Mike O'Niell, Rick White, Jeff Martin (old bluesy material), Julie Doiron, etc etc.

(no subject)


I figured i've give you guys a first dibs on it before it goes on ebay, just because shipping is a pain in the ass and such.

For Sale: Used Mesa Boogie Nomad 100 long chassis head,100/60 watts, 3 channel 2 modes per channel, 5 band eq, footswitch included,
Brand New Power and Pre-amp Tubes; every pot was cleaned and all the internals were just checked out maybe two months back.

Its in perfect shape, and it has a custom flight case, and it sounds good for every single style of music you could probably think of.

Aim: Dbaderx

or Email

for pricing and any other questions you may have,

power tubes

has anyone ever switched out 6l6s from their power amp for EL34s?

i have a Peavey TripleX, and i love the way it sounds currently, but i've heard that swapping the power tubes out for EL34s give it a grittier, darker, meaner sound (which i'm all for). i'm looking for some first-hand accounts from anyone who has made that it worth it? does it make a noticable difference? were you happy with the change?
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